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Woosah.NET - The short URL service!

You can call it "free URL redirection", "tiny URL service", "URL forwarding", etc.
It all means one and the same - you have a long, hard to remember web address and you want to turn it into something tiny and memorable. Well, that is exactly what we do.

We've got four great domains to choose from:

Your old URL!
So, your name is Joe and you sign up for a free hosting account. They give you this URL as your homepage:
Not much to remember, don't you think so? But we are here to help!!!

Your NEW and COOL URL! Check these slick names:
Now, this one looks much better, isn't it? Replace "joe" with whatever you want and register it to point to your long and bulky web address.

So, again how we do it? It takes a few easy steps:
1. Choose your subdomain (the "joe" part) and domain.
2. Enter the long URL you want us to redirect to.
3. Confirm and you are READY!!!

You can have your short URL in 3 minutes!
Start your search for a free sub-domain now
(characters allowed: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, "-")


Register your short URL now! Joining our URL forwarding service is easy as one-two-three.

IMPORTANT: You also get access to a personal members are where you have complete control over your account. You can update the destination address, change your password and get important stats information for your visitors.

Kostenloses kurze URL.



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